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Mar 5, 2021Case Studies

In confectionary Industry the quality of sweets and their appearance play an important role. All sweet items have high sugar content making them hygroscopic in nature. In sweet shops when sweets are to be stored overnight a controlled environment is necessary so as to make sure they are not spoiled. High humidity is a menace to sweets and can cause deterioration in quality and appearance. Relative humidity < 60 % is required to be maintained in areas where sweets are stored.

The challenges

Moisture Regain

As mentioned above all sweets are hygroscopic in nature. Sweets like kaju katli, pedha, barfi etc are made from desi ghee and will absorb excess moisture from air and become damp. It will also lead to loss in shiny coating from the top surfaces making it look unappealing.

Protection of sweets containing dry fruits

A large amount of sweets contain dry fruits in them. Dry fruits also can absorb moisture from surroundings and become damp and unappetizing. They lose their crunchiness and become soft and soggy. For this purpose it is essential to store sweets containing dry fruits in a humidity controlled environment.

Condensation on the wall, ceiling and floor of the room

High humidity can cause condensation inside the room which can lead to musty smell. It also promotes mould growth making the environment unhealthy. Condensation may also lead to development of slippery surfaces. Microbiological growth can make the sweets unappetizing.

The Solution

Our wide range of compact Dehumidifiers help you in tackling these challenges and ensure that quality of sweets is maintained to give customers a blissful experience.

They help in maintaining optimal humidity levels and avoid condensation indoors. These devices are easy to use and help you in increasing productivity and reduce maintenance costs.

The Advantages

  • Prevents spoiling of sweets such as kaju katli, pedha , barfi etc 
  • Prevents wearing off of the shiny coating over the sweets 
  • Helps in maintaining the quality of sweets so that they remain consumable 
  • Avoids condensation on walls, ceilings and floors
  • Keeps the air in the surrounding clean and dry 
  • Increase efficiency 
  • Reduced maintenance costs

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