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At Climatronics Technologies Pvt Ltd, we specialise in Humidity Control & Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)

These topics are sometimes not clearly understood by customers, and we are proud to engage with customers for several years now, and educate them via telephonic or email consultation, site visits, trade fairs, etc on the significance of humidity control & its impact on product stability, equipment safety, health & well-being

Too high humidity is known to cause moisture damage by way of unwanted condensation, at the same time having too low humidity can create static charges which may damage electronic components and causing permanent impairment. It is essential to understand the ideal Relative Humidity for a product and suggest solutions accordingly

Similarly, IAQ (Indoor Air Quality) parameters such as Carbon Dioxide (CO2) must be continually measured and controlled within safe limits for improved productivity, health & safety. Limits for NOx, VOC, PM2.5, etc also may need to be measured but the selection of IAQ parameters depend on the customer industry & outcome expected

For example: In a hospital, management of IAQ aims to avoid Hospital Acquired Infections, which may require continual monitoring RH, Temp, CO2 for Ventilation rate, and testing for bacteria such as MRSA (Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus)

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