Humidity Control for Laminates Storage

Dec 8, 2022Industry Application

Humidity Control for Laminates Storage

All particleboard and fiberboard panels (MDF and HDF) are coated with decorative surface material. The decorative coating varies according to the application of the panels such as for furniture, flooring, etc. Direct coating is one of the most common processes. A decorated paper is impregnated with melamine resin and pressed onto the board with pressure and temperature. Synchronous pore technology is employed by the high-quality presses. This provides the panel with the desired surface structure.

Effects of high Humidity

  • High moisture leads to condensation on walls and ceilings of the storage area
  • If RH exceeds 55% wooden elements are subjected to expansion because of moisture absorption
  • Buckling and warping of laminate sheets kept adjacent to each other
  • Condensation on the sheets can cause water to seep in and warp the wooden elements
  • Since laminates are formed by bonding layers of wood, high moisture content during drying can cause improper bonding and damage the wood
  • Excessive moisture is a menace to stored laminates. This will give rise to number of rejected parts


      Advantages of using a Dehumidifier

      • Controlled humidity to ensure high quality parts
      • Ensures proper drying during bonding of wooden layers
      • Prevents buckling and warping
      • Reduced cost
      • Increased efficiency
      • Reduced number of rejections

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