Case Study – Salt Cave

Mar 5, 2021Case Studies

CASE STUDY – SALT CAVE (salt therapy)- (Respi Care –the natural therapy centre)

Salt therapy is a remedy which involves inhaling of microscopic salt particles in a safe, relaxing and hygienic environment. For this purpose a specialised medical device known as halo generator is used. The environment has to be free from toxins and allergens for the effective working of the therapy.

The challenges

Damage of equipment used for producing microscopic salt particles

The nebulizers used for production of salt particles are imported and very expensive. Uncontrolled humidity conditions can cause condensation damage and inefficient working of the equipment.

Condensation on the wall, ceiling and floor of the room

High humidity can cause condensation inside the room which can lead to musty smell. It also promotes mould growth making the environment unhealthy. Condensation may also lead to development of slippery surfaces.

Formation of lumps of salt

When the amount of moisture content increases it will combine with the microscopic salt particles in the air and lead to formation of lumps. This will cause hindrance in the salt therapy.

The Solution

Our wide range of compact Dehumidifiers help you in tackling these challenges and ensure that the healing process is not disturbed because of high humidity.

They help in maintaining optimal humidity levels and avoid condensation indoors. These devices are easy to use and help you in increasing productivity and reduce maintenance costs.

The Advantages

  • Prevents damage of expensive equipment
  • Avoids condensation on walls, ceilings and floors
  • Keeps the air in the surrounding clean and dry 
  • Increase efficiency 
  • Reduced maintenance costs
  • Prevents formation of lumps of salts

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