Humidity Control for Bridge Construction

Nov 1, 2022Industry Application

Introduction for Humidity Control for Bridge Construction

Construction of bridges is challenging as it involves continuous exposure to moisture. Corrosion is a major menace in such environments. The girders, affixed constructions as well as steel cables can be protected from corrosion with the help of Dehumidifiers. It is required to maintain relative humidity levels below 50%.

Effects of Inadequate Humidity

  • Corrosion damage
  • Reduced life
  • Deterioration in material quality
  • Safety is compromised due to reduction in load carrying capacity
  • Aggravates allergies of workers



      Due to the above reasons, it is essential to provide corrosion protection in order to ensure proper construction. Painting is generally employed in order to achieve this. However, it is expensive and causes an increase in weight of overall structure.

      Dehumidification can help achieve the same results while saving costs and ensuring light weight structure. Get in touch with our expert team to learn more.

      Choose Climatronics Dehumidifiers, Choose adequacy!

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