Humidity Control for Automotive Industry

Sep 14, 2022Industry Application

Importance of Relative Humidity in the Automotive Industry

Automotive industry requires optimal humidity conditions to ensure precise quality control and increased efficiency. Proper humidity conditions are essential for the production, transportation and testing of automotive components like safety glass, airbags, tyres, plastic components. Dehumidifiers help maintain optimal RH levels for various areas.

Effects of Uncontrolled Humidity

  • Presence of moisture on glass parts and laminated windscreens when bonded, leading to explosive conditions in autoclave
  • Uncontrolled humidity gives rise to fungal growth which affects sensitive equipment
  • Steel wires used in the radial ply in tyres are subjected to corrosion, thus compromising the quality
  • High humidity can cause hindrance in drying of water-based paints and dimmish the surface finish of the paint coating
  • High moisture conditions can create condensation on the cold molds in injection molding plants
  • Excessive moisture is a menace to stored spare parts. This will give rise to number of rejected parts

Advantages of Using Dehumidifiers

  • Controlled humidity to ensure high quality parts
  • Uniform paint drying with optimal environment conditions
  • Ensuring that no moisture is present on glass parts
  • Reduced costs
  • Increased efficiency
  • Reduced number of rejections

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