Humidity Control for Jaggery Storage

Aug 23, 2022Industry Application

Importance of Relative Humidity in the Jaggery Storage


Jaggery also called “Gur”, is widely used and it makes it essential to know more about its ideal storage conditions. It is recommended to store jaggery at relative humidity between 40% to 60%. Relative humidity levels fluctuate throughout the year due to changes in seasons all over the year. It thus becomes difficult to achieve the required RH levels naturally.

Effects of High humidity

  • Change in colour and texture
  • Hampers moisture content
  • Microbiological growth
  • Musty odour and damp surroundings


Our Dehumidifiers have been engineered to closely monitor and control relative humidity levels as per your requirement. They are suitable for different room sizes and provide a clean and safe work environment.

Choose Climatronics to get rid of fluctuating Humidity and save on Maintenance Cost too!

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