Humidity control for coating in Industries

Apr 14, 2022Industry Application


In different Industries such as petrochemical, power plants and marine, painting & coating of various equipment such as tanks, storage equipment is done. When a tank is cleaned and blasted down to exposed steel, even slightest amount of moisture can lead to corrosion before a coating is applied. Humidity control is required for prevention of damage to equipment.


  • Corrosion of metals
  • Deterioration in quality
  • Inappropriate coating on equipment
  • Increased rejects
  • Unsafe working environment


Maintaining proper relative humidity levels (RH) between 40 – 60 % RH is important for ensuring appropriate painting and coating of equipment. This also helps to maintain longer shelf life and keeps quality intact. Dehumidifiers help you in maintaining the required humidity levels for highest efficiency and reduce maintenance costs. Get in touch with our humidity control experts for finding out about the wide range of Industrial dehumidifiers designed to help you achieve maximum productivity

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