Origin O12i Dehumidifier

The O12i dehumidifier is adept at small-scale air quality management, being one of the most power-optimized products in the market. Its 12 litres daily extraction capacity makes it a unique dehumidifier, as it can be used for any home-oriented dehumidification needs. The highly compact nature of the product makes it versatile and easy to use, with smart settings designed for intuitive functioning. 

Salient Features

The O12 dehumidifier offers the following salient features to buyers:

The dehumidifier offers a robust extraction capacity of 12 litres a day, with a 2.5 tank capacity, for small-scale applications.

The power consumption, at 165 W, is one of the lowest in the market.

Its well-designed body makes it highly agile and mobile, enabling it to be used across spaces.

It offers superior performance with a wide coverage area of 2500 cu. ft. for home uses.

The auto-start and shutdown features are extremely useful for maintaining optimal RH levels for longer periods.

Its HEPA and carbon filters ensure semi air-purification while reducing the risk of mildew, mould, and other common humidity-caused issues.

The O12 is one of the lowest power consuming dehumidifiers in the market, making it the ideal choice for small-scale and focused indoor air quality management solutions. Its semi-air-purification system, with HEPA and carbon filters, makes it a viable product for home use and small-scale business use as well. Its silent approach to dehumidification makes it perfect for long-term use while being agile enough for a range of applications. Its rotary compressor is high-quality and exceptionally durable for continuous use.




Excessive moisture in the air, especially at a relative humidity of 50% or higher, speeds up Mold and mildew growth. Bacteria also thrives under these conditions, producing unpleasant odour.

Besides making it uncomfortable to breathe, high humidity can also cause unexpected damages to your indoor environment.

Since most modern machinery requires a fully functioning and controlled environment the domestic and industrial dehumidifier is essential.

Key Features

1.) Digital display to view the temperature and set the humidity level.

2.) Automatic Humidistat.

3.) HEPA and Carbon Filter that help capture dust for better air quality (optional)

4.) Programmable timer which is convenient to use.

5.) Tank capacity is 2.5 litres, continuous drainage option is available.

Salient Features

    Crafted from tough, impact-resistant plastic for durability.

    Utilizes a rotary compressor for efficient and smooth operation. Employing heat to remove moisture, ideal for rapid water extraction in commercial and industrial applications
    Energy- efficient with a power consumption of 145 watts. Offers steady airflow of 100 m3/hr to ensure continuous circulation of dehumidified and sterilized air. Copper pipes and aluminium fins ensure durability, easy maintenance, and resistance to dust accumulation.
    Large removable condensate collection tank with fixed drain option. Customizable temperature range from 50C to 350C Conveniently located on the top/front of the unit.
    Automatically resumes operations after power interruption at the same humidity settings Optional Semi HEPA and carbon air purification for improved air quality.

    The O12i dehumidifier offers versatile utility across various settings, making it a valuable addition for homes, small wineries, garages, retail spaces, and small- scale industries.

    Commercial Dehumidifier Applications: Experiences the numerous advantages of incorporating a commercial dehumidifier:

    • Manufacturing Facilities: Maintain precise control over dew points, essential for optimal manufacturing processes.
    • Waste and Freshwater Management, and other Industrial Facilities: Elevated moisture levels in water management facilities often lead to issues like Mold, rust, and corrosion. Our dehumidifiers mitigate these problems, ensuring a hygienic environment.
    • Hotels: Ideal humidity levels achieved through dehumidification eliminate stale or unpleasant odours caused by indoor pools or humid outdoor air, enhancing guest comfort.
    • Swimming Pool Rooms: High humidity in swimming pool areas can result in Mold growth. Our dehumidifiers create a more enjoyable and comfortable environment for swimmers and visitors alike.
    • Food Industry, Hospitals, including Eve Hospitals for procedures like Lasik surgery, benefit from controlled humidity levels.
    • And more…


    We provide a 1-year warranty, ensuring your confidences and peace of mind in choosing our product. The O12i dehumidifier stands as a reliable solution across diverse contexts, enhancing air quality, mitigating moisture-related issues, and contributing to better environments.

    We welcome you to explore the advantages of our dehumidifier and experiences the differences for yourself.

    Technical Data

    Elevating Moisture Control with Efficiency and Elegance:

    Welcome to a new era of moisture control excellence with the Origin O12i. This compact unit redefines efficiency while maintaining an exquisite and robust design.

    The Origin O12i stands as a versatile solution, catering to your moisture control needs all day long. Not only does it regulate humidity levels, but it also accelerates drying processes and effectively combats unpleasant odours.

    Equipped with a manual humidity control adjustment, the Origin O12i provides you with the ultimate power to tailor your environment precisely to your preferences. 

    Experience the future of moisture control with the Origin O12i a harmonious blend of efficiency, elegance, and effectiveness. Unveil a new level of comfort with Origin O12i today.

    Extraction Capacity 30°C RH – 80% 12 litres/ day
    Recommended coverage (home) Upto 2500 cu.ft / 70 cu.mt.
    Recommended coverage (industrial) Upto 1500 cu.ft / 42 cu.mt.
    Power consumption 220V-240V/50Hz 165W
    Noise Level 44 dB
    Air Flow 100 / hr /55cfm
    Dimensions (W X D X H) inches 13″ x 10″ x 19″
    Humidity Settings Electronic
    Tank Capacity 2.5 litres
    Refrigerant R-134a
    Empty Weight 9.8 kg
    Running Temperature 5°C – 35°C
    Internal Timer Yes
    Semi Purification HEPA and Carbon Filter (Optional)
    Auto Restart/ Auto Resume Avaliable/ Avaliable


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    Origin O12i compact dehumidifier is a highly efficient solution for maintaining optimal moisture levels throughout the day. Designed with elegance and durability in mind, the Origin O12i is a versatile unit that not only effectively controls odours. This advanced dehumidifier is equipped with manual humidity control adjustment to cater to your specific needs.

    Performance and Coverage: With an impressive extraction capacity of 12 litres per day, the Origin O12i is suitable for spaces of upto 2500 cubic feet in domestic settings and 1500 cubic feet in industrial environments. Its energy-efficient operation ensures reliable performances without compromising efficiency, emitting 20 million/cm3 of negative ions to enhance freshness.

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