About Us

Climatronics Technologies Pvt Ltd offers a wide range of Humidity control equipment, across both Portable Desiccant & Portable Refrigerant platform. We also provide high end Indoor Air Quality equipment to remove odours & improve air sterility

Our partners & customers appreciate us for our quick response time on sales and service matters. We have a scientific model selection process based on a load matrix or using psychrometric calculation, to ensure that the solution we offer is just right for your needs

Every interaction with our customers is akin to a doctor's consultation. We endeavour to advise customers on the issue & explain various solutions available. We allow the sales process to undertake a full understanding of your product & process and explain how our solutions can help you by giving examples / references. Another USP for us is that we undertake a Pre-sale visit or Post-sale visit for better Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Apart from India, we also have sales reach in several South Asian countries & select African markets. We are also currently setting up Sales and Distribution in Singapore and Dubai to cater to the South East Asian and Gulf Co-operation Council (GCC) Markets along with local partners

Our company has recorded consistent & strong top line growth of 30 to 40% each year since our inception in 2011/12, and we hope to continue our growth story by offering newer & innovative solutions with our keen focus on CRM