Novita NAS6000

SKU : NAS6000

Weight : 4.5 Kg

Dimensions : 23 * 26.5 * 30.7

Product Description

Novita AirCare Pro™ Air Sterilizer NAS6000i is equipped with QuadSystem™ Technology for high efficient air purification, sterilization and surface sanitization. Combining four functions of 99.97% True HEPA Filtration, Advanced UV Nano Photocatalytic-oxidation, Mica Corona Discharge and Electron Spray Ionization, NAS6000i actively seeks out and eliminates airborne germs, allergens, chemicals, unpleasant odour and even surface-bound contaminants to ensure optimum indoor air quality and beyond


Technology usedAdvanced UV Nano Photocatalytic Oxidation / Advanced Electron Spray Ionisation / Advanced Corona Discharge
Recommended coverage area (sq.ft) (height assumed as 10 ft)450
Ozone emission Medium
Airflow rate (in Min & Max, cmh)80 / 184
Negative ion density (million ion/ cm3)25
Max power consumption 54 watts
Digital displayYES
Control methodSoft touch panel + Remote
Smart phone appYES
Dimensions (in cm)23 * 26.5 * 30.7
Net Weight4.6 Kg
Input power Single phase, 230 V / 50 Hz


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