Novita NAS300

SKU : NAS300

Weight : 171 gm

Dimensions : 9.5 * 12 * 10.8 (in cm)

Product Description

Novita AirCare™ Air Sterilizer NAS300 is equipped with Advanced Mica Corona Discharge Technology for active air sterilization and deodorisation. Producing controlled ozone concentration, NAS300 works to eliminate airborne germs and unpleasant odour with its incredible oxidation capacity. Small, portable and a plug-to- go design, this hassle-free unit strives to provide fresh quality air everywhere to your convenience


Technology usedOzone
Recommended coverage area (sq.ft) (height assumed as 10 ft) 300
Ozone emissionLow
Airflow rate (in Min & Max, cmh)Nill
Negative ion density (million ion/ cm3)Nill
Max power consumption 4 watts
Digital displayNO
Control methodTurn - knob
Smart phone appNO
Dimensions (in cm)9.5 * 12 * 10.8
Net Weight171 gm
Input power Single phase, 230 V / 50 Hz

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