MeacoHeat MotionMove 2.0kW

Weight : 2.45Kgs

Dimensions : 150 x 170 x 387mm

Product Description

Traditional heating philosophy is to heat a room to a set temperature using a thermostat to maintain the room temperature regardless of what is happening within that space – even if it is empty. Central heating systems use a central thermostat to set a temperature for all rooms in the house, so a room that is used almost constantly (a living room) will be heated to the same temperature as a room that is only used occasionally (a playroom or spare bedroom).

With the new MeacoHeat Motion range of heaters you can use standalone heaters for these spaces in the knowledge that the heaters will only turn on when someone walks into the room and when they leave the heater will then turn off. Much better than having someone enter a room, turn up a thermostat to maximum and then forget to turn the thermostat down when they leave the room.

The larger 2.0kW heater adds oscillation to the specification to distribute the heat evenly through a 60° arc. A three level thermostat replaces the off timer to provide another level of control.

The heaters use safe PTC ceramic technology to offer a faster start-up time with almost instant heat and a reliable form of heat distribution. Combined with a thermal cut out and a safety tilt switch, these heaters are a better safer way to heat your home or office.


Output1000w / 2000w
Fan only modeYes
Colours availableRed, white and black
Noise Level 38.6 / 41.0dB
Off timerNo
FilterDust Filter
Thermal fuseYes
Tip over switchYes
Power cord1.5m
Size150 x 170 x 387mm


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