Humidity control in Homes

Mar 5, 2021Industry Application

Effects of Humidity on Home Environment 


Dehumidifiers are the appliances that decrease the level of water vapor in the air, eventually reducing the humidity and making the environment pleasant and amicable. High levels of moisture serve as the thriving point of dust mites, molds, and other allergens. As technology has the solution for every problem, to combat the sticky weather conditions we are tired of, Dehumidifiers emerge as a great helping hand.


  • Paint contains a complex blend of chemicals and compounds which is altered by change in humidity causing cracking, peeling and also streak staining in certain cases.
  • Leather if placed in high humid conditions for larger amount of time can cause it to rot, whereas low humid conditions can cause it to dry and develop cracks.
  • Too much moisture and the wood will warp and too little moisture causes it to dry out and fracture.
  • Metal corrodes at a much greater rate under humid conditions. Consequences being the various electronic components and also certain musical instruments are subjected to damage.
  • Books and other collectibles are kept in enclosed places resulting in low ventilation and thus humidity levels can increase causing musty smell and discoloring of books.
  • Mold and dust mites thrive in humid weather. If you have allergic asthma and have allergies to mold and dust, it can cause symptoms.

Protect your loved ones from side

effects of excessive moisture and

prevent your house from having a

musty odour


Dehumidifiers offer us with wide range of applications and can be used in several areas of the house such as:



Laundry Area


Study room

Living room

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