SENSO humidifiers (Ultrasonic)

Humidification Technology : Ultrasonic

Humidification output : Upto 12 kg/hr

Product Description

Water is atomised into 1 μ aerosols using 1.7 MHz ultrasonic vibrations.The ultrasound technology consumes an average of only 50 W/h for each kg of humidification

The CONTRA-KEIM® STERILISATION PROGRAMME and AQUADRAIN® HYGIENE MANAGEMENT systems set new hygiene standards for humidification

merlin® predetermines the ideal moisture parameters for a given application on the basis of the results ofmeasurements and then uses the most suitable ultrasonic air humidification system to create the ideal climatic conditions for your business

Device description
  • + Anti-corrosive V2A stainless steel
  • + Dry running, heat and overfill protection
  • + Ceramic piezo vibrating element
  • + Overvoltage protection
  • + AquaDrain® hygiene management
  • + Contra-Keim® (FINESSE) sterilization programme
Technical Details
  • Max. air humidity: up to 95% relative humidity
  • Air temperature: 5℃ - 45℃
  • Water quality: Demineralised (< 20 μS/cm3)
  • Water pressure
  • min.: > 1 bar dynamic
  • max.: < 6 bar static
  • Voltage: 230V/50 Hz


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