Alpha Micro High Pressure

Humidification Technology : High Pressure

Operating pressure : Upto 70 bar

Product Description

The merlin® ALPHA air humidification systems are used when the room has to be directly humidified. In this case, the MICRO DROP technology transfers the treated water via a high-pressure network to innovative humidification units. These units are installed on the ceiling or the wall where they emit finely vaporized water into the room

Central control units use humidity sensors to regulate the on and off times for the air humidification. Every merlin® air humidification system is designed to exactly meet your requirements and can be readily integrated into existing rooms, and also be extended when needed. It can usually be installed without interrupting normal operation

The ALPHA air humidification equipment is the high-end system from merlin® for direct room humidification. It works with filtered and hygienically safe water. If desired, the water can first be run through a water softener, a reverse osmosis filter, and a disinfection unit. Then the water is pumped through a stainless steel hydraulic pump at a pressure of 70 bar to the humidification units where it is finally atomized with the MICRO DROP high-performance nozzles

The flexible PLC multizone control with touchscreen in combination with high-quality humidity sensors ensures precise and constant ambient humidity

The optional PC visualization gives you an overview of the entire system at all times. It is also possible to record data

Your benefits
  • Heat reduction through adiabatic cooling
  • Individually tailored to your requirements
  • For outdoor and indoor areas
  • Flexible modular design
  • Suitable for self-installation
  • Practically noiseless
  • Easy handling
Your benefits
  • Event catering
  • Agriculture
  • Exhibition halls
  • Event centers
  • Sport centers
  • Swimming pool facilities
  • Luxury cruise liners
  • And much more


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