SKU : NH 809

Weight : 3.6 kg

Dimensions : 24 * 17.5 * 31.5 (in cm)

Product Description

NH809 be used in a wide range of applications, including homes, hotels, commercial R&D labs, Industry and just about anywhere you need to increase moisture level & get rid of dry air and increase relative humidity to ideal levels of 55% RH

Ultrasonic Technology. High performance, heightened humidity. NH809 adds back the desired moisture in the air to create the ideal humidity. The efficient ultrasonic technology uses high frequency vibrations to generate a superfine mist of water droplets, which is thoroughly and evenly blown into the environment to increase the humidity level. Thanks to the ultrasonic technology,

NH809 is quiet when running. Long humidification hours. Uninterrupted moisture relief. With continuous humidification, NH809 counteracts dry air problems quickly. NH809 provides minimum 12 hours of moisture from a single 5 litres water tank and shuts off automatically when water runs low. With variable mist output in 4 different levels, it creates the ideal environment for that extra comfort and relieve. Touch screen panel. Sheer sophistication.

A touch is all you need to switch between different functions! Sleek touch screen panel offers great visual pleasures and the convenience to switch between different functions. Switch to your preferred humidification mode, set the desired humidity, timer or mist volume with just a simple touch! Selected settings and status of the unit will be shown on the LCD display


Technology usedUltrasonic Humidification
Recommended coverage area (cu.ft)180
Humidifying capacity (litre/hour)300 (Cold mist) / 400 (Warm mist)
Max power consumption40 Watt (Cold mist) / 125 (Warm mist)
Digital display of RHYES
Tank capacity (in litres)5
Dimensions (in cm) 24 * 17.5 * 31.5
Net Weight (in kgs)3.6
Input power Single phase, 230 V / 50 Hz

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