SKU : NH 800

Weight : 3.8 kg

Dimensions : 25 * 27 * 27 (in cm)


Product Description

NH800 be used in a wide range of applications, including homes, hotels, R&D labs, Industry and just about anywhere you need to increase moisture level & get rid of dry air and increase relative humidity to ideal levels of 55% RH

Replenish moisture back into your surrounding air for everyday comforting relief in dry air conditioned rooms with Novita Humidifier NH800. Adopting ultrasonic technology, this unit effectively improves relative humidity levels for greater comfort, a better night's sleep and soothe dry skin. Both convenient and a favourable addition to your home and family, compliment this unit with optional Novita's natural essential oil blend and relax into a soothing aromatherapy all at once!


Air conditioners can be found in more than 70% of households, with few being aware that being exposed to an air-conditioned room can cause discomfort due to the drastic change in humidity level. Ideally, humidity levels inside the home should range from about 60%-70% instead of 30%-50% as in the case of an air-conditioned environment. When the surrounding air is dry, it irritates the lining of our nose, throat and causes sinuses


Technology usedUltrasonic Humidification
Recommended coverage area (cu.ft)150
Humidifying capacity (litre/hour)400
Max power consumption40
Digital display of RHNO
Tank capacity (in litres)5
Dimensions (in cm) 25 * 27 * 27
Net Weight (in kgs)4
Input power Single phase, 230 V / 50 Hz

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