Weight : 56kg

Dimensions : 90 * 54.5 * 42 (in cm)

Product Description

The FRAL portable professional dehumidifiers of the series FDNF - FDND are high-performance appliances, equipped with robust galvanized steel frame painted with epoxy resins and mounted on 4 swivel casters that make it easy to move. They have a high efficiency air filter in polyurethane, washable and easily replaceable, and a very large condensate collection tank with the possibility of direct drain

It is possible to install a condensate lifting pump instead of the tank, that allows condensate pumping up to a height of 3.5 meters from the machine positioning level

The main characteristic of all the FRAL portable professional models of the series FDNF - FDND is the evaporation coil that consists of smooth tubes in aluminum (with the exception of the ECO model)

This unique arrangement derived from professional dehumidifiers allows a lower power consumption of the appliance, with a very high efficiency even at low relative humidity. All models include the defrost timer and Hot Gas defrost (except for ECO)


Mode of OperationCondensation drying
Recommended coverage area (cu.ft)8500
Dehumidifying capacity
30deg C / 80% RH(ltrs/day)80
20deg C / 60% RH(ltrs/day)30
Air Flow Rate (in cu.m/hr)1000
Max power consumption 35deg C - 70% RH (in Watts)1480
Tank capacity (in litres)14
Dimensions (in cm)90 * 54.5 * 42
Net Weight (in kgs) 56
Input power Single phase, 230 V / 50 Hz


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