Weight : 4.6 kg

Dimensions : 19 * 19 * 19 (in cm)

Product Description

Designed in the UK as a unit fit for home but with quality in mind. The DryFan® 8 / DH800 is an Ecor Pro "3-hole" system desiccant dehumidifier (it built to the highest standard with a very solid construction.Input process air is dust filtered and dried.Input air can be ducted in with a 125mm duct.Wet exhaust air can be ducted out via a 41mm duct (standard waste pipe diameter)

Unlike the domestic dehumidifiers, these models are truly designed to run 247 in all the normal or even unnormal cold temperature conditions

They are ideal for many applications around the home and even small warehouses, offices, schools or anywhere where water can occur to harm electronics, goods or just stop bad smells

The main application though is around the home to dry spaces 247.Bedrooms, Bathrooms, Laundry rooms, Lofts, Crawl spaces, Basements & even areas outside the home including Holiday homes


Mode of OperationAdsorption Drying
Recommended coverage area (cu.ft)2,000
Dehumidifying capacity
30deg C / 80% RH(ltrs/day) (extrapolated)16
20deg C / 60% RH(ltrs/day)8
Air Flow Rate (in cu.m/hr)90
Power consumption (in Watts)350
Digital display of RHNO
Tank capacity (in litres)Direct extraction
Dimensions (in cm)19 * 19 * 19
Net Weight (in kgs)4.6
Input powerSingle phase, 230 V / 50 Hz


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