AD810 : 10 Portable Dehumidifier

SKU : AD 810

Weight : 70kg

Dimensions : 97 * 62.5 * 53 (in cm)

Product Description

Durable 100l industry-standard dehumidifier

High in performance, discreet in design: the AD 810-P dehumidifier excels with a high circulation rate and dehumidification performance, even when humidity levels and temperatures are low. The AD 810-P is ideal for a variety of different applications and is used first and foremost in water management facilities, large storage and production rooms, archives, halls and also for protecting and preserving the value of assets

The unit comes standard equipped with a fully-automatic hot gas defrost system and a built-in condensate pump designed to conduct the condensate away from the unit automatically. 4 heavy-duty castors ensure increased and comfortable on-site mobility while folding side-handles allow the unit to be easily carried and transported

The intelligent design and the slanted vanes at the front of the unit enable the air to be circulated virtually draught-free


Mode of OperationCondensation drying
Recommended coverage area (cu.ft)10500
Dehumidifying capacity
30deg C / 80% RH 105 ltrs / day
20deg C / 60% RH53 ltrs / day
Air Flow RateSpeed 1 : 1000 cu.m /hr
Speed 2 : 1300 cu.m / hr
Max power consumption at 30deg C / 80% RH (in Watts)1350
Digital display of RHYES
Tank capacity (in litres)Direct drainage
Dimensions (in cm)97 * 62.5 * 53
Net Weight (in kgs) 70
Input power Single phase, 230 V / 50 Hz


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