AERIAL AD750 - Heavy Duty & Powerful Dehumidifier

SKU : AD 750

Weight : 42kg

Dimensions : 88 * 52 * 49.5 (in cm)

Product Description

Durable, mobile dehumidifiers in a high-tech housing

These units are produced to a high-class finish and are used in building and water damage drying as well as in for industrial and commercial applications, in water management and for protecting and preserving the value of assets

The robust, rotation moulded synthetic housing is absolutely impact and break-proof and does not fail to impress with its high-quality look and unmistakable design

The class of finish of the AD 7 Series sets new standards for mobile dehumidifiers with regards to quality and design

The housing is easy to clean and easy to dismantle should any servicing need to be carried out. The operating elements are clearly-structured and facing the user. Operating hours counter and hygrostat are, of course, standard. The large heavy-duty wheels and a variety of different grips and holds make the unit especially easy to carry and transport for mobile use

The AD 750 is also available with a built-in condensate pump (AD 750P)


Mode of OperationCondensation drying
Recommended coverage area (cu.ft)6000
Dehumidifying capacity
30deg C / 80% RH55 ltrs / day
20deg C / 60% RH24.5 ltrs / day
Air Flow Rate710 cu.m / hr
Max power consumption at 30deg C / 80% RH (in Watts)9000
Digital display of RHNO
Tank capacity (in litres)12
Dimensions (in cm)88 * 52 * 49.5
Net Weight (in kgs) 42
Input power Single phase, 230 V / 50 Hz


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