Novita Dehumidifier - ND390i

SKU : ND390i

Weight : 14.2 kg

Dimensions : 40 * 30 * 61 (in cms)

Product Description

Maximize your living space with the distinctly petite novita Dehumidifier ND315. With an extraction rate of 15 litres per day, ND315 is the compact solution to your humidity woes. Achieve your desired humidity level with its handy features such as the Preferred Humidity Settings, Auto Humidity Sensor and Power-Efficient Rotary and Compressor. The slender unit also ensures that your valuable are protected from mold and mildew growth


Mode of OperationCondensation drying
Recommended coverage area (cu.ft)3500
Dehumidifying capacity 30deg C / 80% RH35
Sterilising ioniser NO
Air Flow Rate220
Max power consumption 600
Digital display of RHNO
Tank capacity (in litres)6.5
Dimensions (in cm)40 * 30 * 61
Net Weight (in kgs)14.2
Input power Single phase, 230 V / 50 Hz

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